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AB Midden Nederland and frequent absenteeism

Frequent absenteeism

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How does AB Midden Nederland deal with absenteeism?

Getting sick can happen to anyone and you cannot always prevent it. A good employer has a regulation that contains rights and obligations during absenteeism, so does AB Midden Nederland. These are guidelines that apply to both the employee and the employer. Both parties benefit from adhering to it. We explain why that is the case below.

In this article we tell you more on how AB Midden Nederland deals with absenteeism.

On our employees’ portals: MijnAB, OnsAB and InSite, one can find the full text of our absenteeism protocol. This article is the first in a series of AB Midden Nederland and Absenteeism, in which we explain the world of sickness schemes. This time we focus on frequent absenteeism theme.

At AB Midden Nederland we talk about ‘frequent’ or ‘regular’ absenteeism when an employee reports sick three or more times a year. This may sound as little, but it is well above the average of 1.5 times a year in the Netherlands, according to a Dutch statistics office, CBS data of 2022.


Frequent absenteeism

We think it is important to talk to employees who regularly report sick. We discuss what the employee can do themselves to prevent this and how AB Midden Nederland can be of help. An underlying problem might be an issue. From an employee who regularly needs to “recover” for a day to an employee who is not happy at his workplace, or an employee who has private problems. This is also something w discuss and look for solutions together.


Why do we do this?

 Regular absenteeism is a strong precursor to long-term absenteeism. About 50% of employees with frequent absenteeism are absent for an extended period the following year. It is also a predictor of recurrent regular absenteeism: After all, 61% has another year with regular absenteeism. Of course, we want to prevent this. For the employee and for us as an employer. Both parties benefit greatly from this.


Long-term absenteeism: Prevention is better than cure

Preventing absenteeism is one of the most key factors of keeping sickness at bay as much as possible. AB Midden Nederland is helping to ensure that as many employees as possible feel good about themselves and that the absence reports are limited. Because we are convinced that when someone feels good, this also has a positive influence on limiting absenteeism due to illness. For example, we have annual FIT conversations with all employees to investigate whether people are still comfortable in their place and whether there are opportunities for further growth.


Preventive office hours

Furthermore, all employees can make an appointment with a certified health and safety service provider Stigas to discuss any health complaints, which are primarily work-related, during the preventive consultation hour and it is completely anonymous. All employees can also sign up for a health check. A health check consists of a digital questionnaire and a visit to Stigas. And employees get to hear from a professional how they are doing as far as health and vitality are concerned, and they receive tips. During such a meeting there is also room to discuss working conditions.

Stigas helps entrepreneurs and employees to work in a healthy, safe and sustainable way. Being and staying productive and having fun at work, which is the big challenge for the future. (…) Structural attention to sustainable employability not only prevents absenteeism and incapacity for work, but also ensures more job satisfaction, higher productivity and a better position on the labour market.


Preventing absenteeism through sports and a healthy lifestyle

It has been proven that sports and exercise are important. We encourage physical exercises. We do not need to mention that a healthy body promotes the overall health of all of us. Not only by exercising more, but also by paying more attention to what we eat and creating enough and good night’s sleep, we already contribute a lot to reducing possible absenteeism.


The ADM policy of AB Midden Nederland

Moreover, AB Midden Nederland has introduced an ADM policy. We want to promote the health and safety of our employees by applying the Alcohol, Drugs and Medicines Policy. If alcohol, drugs or other addictive substances (threaten to) take control of someone’s life, they are not alone. By reporting and discussing the problem, we see the opportunities for improvement enormously increase. We can also help you find a rehab clinic.

We call this: Stand together. Grow together.

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