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I don’t know anyone in the Netherlands, I have nowhere to stay. Do you provide a job and a flat?

Of course. We are perfectly aware that going abroad for work is often very stressful. Therefore, in order to take away the effort involved in searching for a flat, not only do we provide very good housing conditions, but also cooperate with a health insurance company allowing you to use our assistance in applying for health insurance purchase. Dutch health insurance is compulsory for people who work or live in the Netherlands.

I have heard from a friend that the 'sofi' number is required to work in the Netherlands. How do I get it?

The BSN number, once called the sofi number, is the identification number to use in different situations, such as in the Tax Office, the hospital and other administrative institutions in the Netherlands. To get a BSN number, contact the City and Municipal Office in the nearest place of your stay. You do not have to do it yourself. Our coordinators will arrange a meeting at the office and help in completing this important formality.

I don’t know what things I should take, which will be useful or necessary for a few months in the Netherlands. Do you have any tips?

In addition to the most important documents, such as ID card or passport and a driving license (if you have one), you should also take sufficient cash for about 2 weeks.

If you do not have a BSN number yet, its preparation lasts from 2 to 3 weeks and until the person has the number, the law does not allow such person to make cash withdrawals. For practical things, take the sheet, pillow, quilt or a warm sleeping bag. A raincoat always comes handy. The other necessary things, such as kitchen appliances, you will find in our flats.

How will I get to work? Do I use urban transport or can I drive with someone?

Because our flats (usually single-family houses) are not far from the place of work, you commute to work by bicycle or a company car. Our colleagues from the planning department will inform you about the choice of the means of transport.

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