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Everything that grows and blooms on land or in greenhouses interests you. With your green thumb and preference for being outside make you a valuable force in the horticulture. Why are you needed? Horticulture provides the domestic and foreign markets with vegetables, flowers, and plants. It’s about food that millions of people eat. Or trees that make our world a liveable green place. Your hard work with crops and vegetation results in quality. Something that translates into beauty and usefulness in our environment.

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Horticulture: what is it like?

Growing and cultivating all kinds of crops is of great value to our society. Why? To provide people with the tastiest tomatoes and sweetest beetroot. Or to grow new trees. To plant in the city or in forests. Horticulture is chock-full of variety! Not only trees and vegetables, but also shrubs, mushrooms, and flowers, for example. The quality requirements for these plants are high. And that is your responsibility. You have an eye for detail. Because an average quality is not enough for you.

Hard work is no problem, and you enjoy the biological part of the job. Do you want to be a horticulturist? We have job openings for:

  • Cultivation employee
  • Greenhouse worker


Horticulture jobs: what to expect from us?

We understand what you need in a job. Most important: you need to feel at home.  So, we match you with a perfect client. It’s a puzzle we solve together. We look where your qualities are needed. You can count on a job that you will enjoy. In horticulture, you work independently and in a team. You can be deployed flexibly. Which means your workdays and hours can change regularly. That’s fine for you! You understand that different plants and vegetables bloom and sprout at different times of year. Therefore, you will work for different clients.

We offer a salary in accordance with the collective labour agreement (cao) and we are always open for comments or questions about your work. Or to talk about your private situation. Achieve your potential at AB Midden Nederland. You are given the opportunity to take training courses and seize new challenges that arise. Take a course for your spraying licence. Peek at our page ‘Education & Development’ for additional information. It will enable you to carry out more tasks. And it enhances your versatility. Apply for a job opening that excites you and we take care of the rest.


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