Are you looking for a job in technology, in the agricultural and horticultural sector or in urban green areas? You will find the right job with the AB Midden Nederland. In addition to temporary employment and seasonal work, we also have regular jobs for permanent employment. AB office also gets new job offers from time to time. Whether you are an expert, a specialist, own your own business or work with reduced hours, depending on the jobs we get, check out what AB Midden Nederland has to offer..
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AB Midden Nederland’s roots stem primarily from the agricultural and horticultural sector. Over the years, the needs of our cooperative nature based on enhanced cooperation has also emerged in other sectors. In addition to extensive experience in the agri-horticultural sector, we are also active in engineering, construction and infrastructure, logistics and warehouse, urban green areas and food processing and production. Cooperation carries obligations. This means that customers can join the membership and then enjoy many benefits, such as ensuring business continuity in the company during the illness of the owner. It also means that the cooperation is rooted in our DNA. If you are looking for a job or for an employee, we encourage you to get acquainted with our way of operations. We always strive to find a satisfactory solution.


  • Quality:our employing professionals and our communication are our distinguishing marks
  • Confidence: jwe are a long-term trustworthy partner
  • Openness: we are easily accessible and flexible
  • Individual approach: we want the work to take place in a pleasant atmosphere.

    Are you looking for an interesting job and are not afraid to roll up your sleeves? Would you like to work where you will finally feel at home? We will be happy to help! Check our current job offers in the following sectors: technology, horticulture, construction and infrastructure, logistics and warehousing or food processing and production, and send your application. We will try to do our best to match the offer to the candidate's profile. Find your perfect job!

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