Assembly worker

Assembly worker

Do you like putting parts together to create something whole? A bike is not complete without a bike bell, without pedals or without springs under the bicycle seat. In your mind, you start assembling the parts that lie in front of you. It’s in your nature. For others it’s a puzzle. For you? A chance to build something beautiful once again. Put small pieces together. Later, your work returns in a larger product, making it function properly. Ready to assemble? Become an assembly worker.

What we offer

Next to appreciation and personal guidance

  • Hourly wage of €12 – €17 per hour
  • Fixed-term contract, with prospect of a permanent contract
  • Working in technology, production, and logistics


Activities during assembly

The meaning of the word assembly is easy to understand. Putting different parts together to form a whole. You put the parts together. In metal, wood, and plastic, for example. Using drawings and blueprints. At one client you put together metal furniture hinges. And for another client, you assemble parts of a bicycle. You want the part or product to work perfectly. That’s why you test your own constructions. That way you can make improvements! Your tasks are:

  • Assembling parts
  • Screwing or soldering
  • Inspecting and testing your assembled items


Assembly workers always achieve something

What do you need to do assembly work? Being able to work accurately with your hands. On a conveyor belt or a worktable. Are you equipped with technical and spatial comprehension? That makes your job a lot easier. It helps you see solutions and shapes rapidly during assembling. You become an expert while working for a client. And do you want to solder? AB Midden Nederland will arrange the soldering course for you. Then you can be involved in more tasks at work.


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