When you arrive at your accommodation address in the Netherlands, you want to know how to travel to your workplace. AB Midden Nederland arranges suitable transport to enable home-work travel. This means you do not need to worry about transportation to work, so your focus can be on the job.

Car & bike

We offer two different means of transport: cars and bicycles. We consider the distance between the accommodation and the work address. For longer distances (more than 10 kilometers) a car is available. The car is often shared by a maximum of 4 people and preferably used for carpooling. For the shorter distances (less than 10 kilometers) bikes are available. We have normal city bikes, but also offer e-bikes for the longer distances. The transportation services are free of charge. It is a service you receive while working for AB Midden Nederland. You can also use your own car to commute to work. The kilometers you drive to work and back are compensated and added on your salary.

If you are a driver and take other people with you to work (does not matter if you have our car or your own) you will be paid some extra money for every working day.


Other transport

Transport for any other means than work is not allowed with the cars that we offer. If you wish to go to another city, taking public transport is the easiest way. When you came to the Netherlands with your private car, you can use that one for everything.


Additional information

Traveling to the Netherlands for the first time and the travel back to your home country are not arranged. You need to organize this yourself or together with others. There are travel agents that also assist with travelling to the Netherlands.

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